Titone Organic 2019 extra virgin olive oil  is a masterful oil from 100% Cerasuola olives. It is well-rounded with a gorgeous nose: aromas of green grass, tomato leaf, and artichoke. The taste is decidedly herbaceous  with notes of arugula and bright green tomato. Peppery and bitter,   it lingers on your lips to the back of your palate. Antonella and her father Nicola tended to every detail with obsessive attention, and the result is pure perfection.

Father-daughter team Nicola and Antonella Titone tend to their organic farm and impeccable frantoio (olive mill) in Trapani, Sicily with passionate devotion to one governing mantra: quality or nothing. Surpassing every norm for organic farming in the area, they have imposed their own rigors and standards to production, elevating their multi-award-winning  olive oil to exceptional status.

Suggested uses:  Drizzle over any fish preparation, such as grilled swordfish or fish crudo.  Pour lavishly over cooked shell beans or robust soups.