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We are always on the lookout for high quality estate bottled extra virgin olives! Quadisha Grove, a Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is  produced on the slopes of Mount Lebanon near the Mediterranean Sea by Oleavanti.  We are delighted to add it to our oil portfolio. This  oil has a unique herbaceous start and bitter, pungent finish, with notes of green almond and tomato leaf. The buttery texture is characteristic of oil made from Souri olives.  Dr.Carol Saadé’s training in food science and expertise in food chemistry, safety and packaging from Rutgers University has been key to establishing the high quality and safety standards in the finished oil. Her chemistry background has been critical in controlling the environmental factors such as temperature, oxygen, light and hygiene during harvesting, milling, storage, bottling and distribution to minimize spoilage and maintain the highest quality of the oil throughout its shelf-life. ​If you are in the Chicago area, stop in for a taste of this unique extra virgin olive oil!

Suggested uses: In preparing Tabbouleh, roasted vegetables, grilled meats and bread dipping!

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Out of stock