In its ongoing pursuit of excellence, Castillo de Canena, a leader in the field of haute cuisine that produces some of the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world, now launches this 15th annual limited edition of its iconic First Day of Harvest oil. This product is anxiously awaited throughout the year. A pioneer in its category, it stands out among top-shelf oils for the care with which it is obtained as well as its aroma, flavour and quality.

First Day Arbequina is light green and bright extra virgin olive oil. Fruity of green olive that is also perceived in mouth, with great diversity of vegetable aromas, especially fresh grass, green almond, tomato plant, green banana, green apple and walnut.

This year rally driver, Carlos Sainz  created a new label on which he wanted to embody the idea that hard work and sacrifice lead to success. ‘I’ve always believed in the spirit of achievement and in the importance of courage. First Day of Harvest is, without a doubt, an example of this and of extraordinary effort,’ the World Rally Champion stated firmly.

Suggested uses: Special for salad dressings, tomato soup, gazpacho, cured ham and cheeses, grilled meats.

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