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Accademia Olearia Gran Riserva Sardinia


This extra virgin olive oil from Accademia Olearia of Sardinia has a  beautiful  fruity green aroma of olive, hints of apple and tomato, strong vegetal hints and an excellent balance between bitter and spicy. These nuances make it an excellent product dedicated to elite kitchens.

Suggested uses: its balance makes it an ideal companion for the most imaginative and classy kitchen, its fragrance and its nuances are more appreciable when used raw.

For four generations the Fois Family has been cultivating, harvesting and processing the olives that grow in the lands surrounding the city of Alghero, Sardinia.  The favorable climate, the selection of olive cultivation, a skilful processing and in a modern oil mill with constant control of all process parameters give life to the precious extra virgin olive oil of Giuseppe Fois Accademia Olearia.  Flos Olei Guide 2019 score of 97!

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