St. Patricks Day 2019 is in the books and Spring is right around the corner,at least we hope it is here in Chicago.   I  couldn’t resist making an  old favorite of corned beef and cabbage this year  but with a new healthier twist.  Boiled vegetables are never my favorite part of any dish but I always thoroughly enjoyed the sour cream and horseradish sauce that ususally accompanies the traditional St.Patrick’s Day meal.  What really makes this new twist exceptional is roasting the cabbage (who knew!) and  the sauce. It is really key to use a quality extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar as the sauce is so luscious and you will want to slather it on all of the dish and possibly others( think lamb).  We chose Laconia Crete from Healdsburg, California and O-Med Chardonnay vinegar from Spain.  A medium intensity oil, adding the right amount of fruitiness and the vinegar added brightness.  This dish was super easy to prepare and the leftovers were divine!